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Xbox Live Swing voters choose Obama as winner of final presidential debate

Obama wins again

Swing voters using Xbox Live's Election 2012 service chose President Barack Obama as winner of the final presidential debate, according to data collected by Microsoft and analyzed by market research firm YouGov.

According to statistics made available through Election 2012, undecided and swing voters who made up 11.1 percent of all Xbox Live participants decided Obama won the debate with a split of 56 percent for Obama, 14 percent for Governor Mitt Romney, and 31 percent for a draw. Swing voters also saw an Obama victory, with 27 percent of those initially leaning toward Romney declaring the Governor the winner, and 5 percent of those who initially leaned toward Obama doing the same.

39 percent of those undecided prior to the debate stated they swung toward Obama following the debate's conclusion, with 18 percent of pre-debate undecided voters opting for Romney by the end of the debate.

According to 40 percent of those undecided voters, Obama would be better in a crisis. 17 percent stated Romney would be more proficient. Undecided votes are also closer to Obama on topics of Afghanistan by a 60 percent to 14 percent margin. Obama was also more persuasive on the topic of Syria by a 71 percent to 30 percent margin, and on Israel with a 67 percent to 33 percent margin.

46 percent of undecided voters believed Obama did a good job as commander-in-chief throughout the last four years, with 28 percent believing Romney would do well as President.

51 percent of the undecided stated Romney understands the needs of entrepreneurs, in comparison to 31 percent for Obama. These voters were split again when deciding whether Obama was prepare to lead the economic recovery, with 34 percent leaning toward Obama versus 30 percent to Romney.

67 percent of undecided voters believe Obama has been more consistent on his plans compared to 9 percent for Romney, while 70 percent stated Romney has not provided enough specifics regarding his plans to increase military spending.

Obama won over voters of all ages in this sample, despite the Election 2012 demographic being skewed to a younger and male audience.

Over 100,000 Xbox Live community members participated in the Election 2012 service on Xbox Live throughout the third presidential debate, with nearly 3 million individual responses to roughly 130 polling questions. In addition, each questions saw 30,000 to 35,000 respondents.

Xbox Live users agreed President Barack Obama won the previously presidential debate against Governor Mitt Romney, with over 100,000 Xbox Live users answering poll questions throughout.

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