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Wish Studios signs with Sony to develop brand new IP

Wish working on new Sony IP

Wish Studios, an independent studio in the UK, has signed a deal with Sony to prototype a brand-new IP, the studio announced on its website today.

The studio has previously worked on games like EyeToy: Kinect, Buzz! Quiz TV, EyePet, and Kinect Nat Geo TV. Its focus to date has been on the Buzz! series and it has done extensive work with motion control.

Wish Studios' CEO, Casper Field, said in a statement: "We are incredibly excited to be working with SCEE [Sony Computer Entertainment Europe] on the development of this prototype.

"While we can't give away any details about the project, we can say that it's playing beautifully and has enormous potential. Sony continues to show vision and leadership in bringing original, innovative ideas to gamers, a commitment we share at Wish Studios."

Wish Studio's website can be viewed here.

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