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League of Legends final attracts 8.2 million viewers, Season 2 Championships most-watched eSports event of all time

League of Legends viewers smash a record

The League of Legends Season 2 World Championships that took place last week at the Galen Center in Southern California was the most-watched eSports event of all time according to Riot Games, with reports that 1.1 million concurrent online viewers tuned in at its peak and boasting more than 8.2 million total unique views for online and TV combined.

Riot reports that around 2.4 million of the viewers that tuned in online were based in China and Korea. The final was attended by more than 8,000 people, and across all users, the playoffs and finals were viewed for 24,230,688 hours.

Riot's viewership during the League of Legends finals breaks previous records held by The International DOTA 2 tournament held by Valve, which had 567,000 concurrent viewers, and the 437,000 concurrent viewers (and 4.7 million overall unique viewers) that tuned into Major League Gaming's Spring Championships.