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Moshi Monsters developer looking to expand to other platforms

Moshi Monsters branching out

Moshi Monsters developer Mind Candy is looking to expand to platforms beyond the Nintendo DS following the success of Moshling Zoo on that device, Mind Candy senior marketing manager Andrew Matjaszek told

"The Nintendo DS is an extremely popular console across our core demographic of fans," said Matjaszek, explaining the decision to develop for the handheld device. "Due to the age of our fans (six to 12 years old), we felt that the DS was the perfect platform for us to launch our first Moshi Monsters title."

However Mind Candy is interested in testing the waters of other platforms for the sake of mass-market appeal.

"As far as mass-market appeal is concerned, other handhelds are still in their infancy. We felt it better to target a console that our fans play and enjoy on a regular basis.

"We've loved taking Moshi on to the Nintendo DS and don't see any reason why we wouldn't look to expand the Moshi Universe even further in the near future. Stay tuned."

The next Moshi DS title, Moshlings Theme Park, will release to Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 30.

Moshi Monsters was first launched in 2008 as a browser-based online title, allowing users to adopt virtual pet monsters that can be customized and played with. The Moshi world was later expanded commercially to toy lines, magazines, books, trading cards, and video games.

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