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Danger Close adds likenesses of fallen soldiers to Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Developer Danger Close added the likenesses of two fallen soldiers to Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a friend of both soldiers explained on Reddit.

"After hearing that a friend of mine had passed away in Operation New Dawn in Iraq earlier this year, Danger Close agreed to memorialize him as a character in the upcoming title Medal of Honor: Warfighter." Reddit user aresdesmoulins wrote. "I was super stoked! What makes it even more amazing, though, is they learned about another friend of mine who was also an Iraqi veteran, who had passed away from cancer a bit later in the year, and who was a big gamer as well. They offered to not only also include him, but to put them in the same unit so they could fight side by side."

Aresdesmoulins provided the developer with source photographs, which Danger Close used to put the soldiers' likenesses in the game. Eventually, the developer put his likeness into the game, too.

The inclusion is the latest in a series of steps that the developer and publisher have taken to honor the U.S. military. Medal of Honor: Warfighter's publisher, Electronic Arts, announced a special edition of the game to be sold at GovX, "a site that caters only to military service members and vets, as well as police and fire personnel." Portions of the profits from those sales will benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Earlier this year, EA and Danger Close had announced a Military Edition of the game available for military personnel. It includes bonus items and proceeds will benefit Project HONOR, which works with the Navy SEAL and Special Operations Warrior Foundations.

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