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SingStar to become a free download at the end of Oct.

SingStar, the PlayStation 3 karaoke game, will abandon its disc requirement to become a free download at the end of October, SingStar senior producer Chris Bruce told Gamasutra.

The free download will allow players to access the in-game store, download minute-long demos for songs, and purchase full songs from within the app. The update will also add visual tweaks to the SingStar user interface, designed "so that people can get around the game easier and quicker, to really try to make it much more accessible for all those new people coming to the game," Bruce said.

Earlier this month, SingStar's Viewer app was discontinued, and a message in the app teased the SingStar free download.

"We did the Singstar viewer originally, which was a little application where you could go and browse the songs, and this was just a logical progression from that," he said.