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Borderlands Legends for iOS confirmed by Gearbox

Borderlands Legends, the iOS incarnation of the popular role-playing shooter series, was confirmed today by Gearbox in a post on publisher 2K Game's blog.

Legends will be available on Oct. 31, and will cost $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad. Like the game's console cousins, players can level up characters' skill trees and test their mettle against hordes of Bandits, Skags and other series enemies.

Gameplay is from a top-down perspective and will follow the familiar "shoot-and-loot" Borderlands framework. Characters have three action skills as well as six abilities that can grow up to five levels. Players can also control all four on-screen characters simultaneously and orchestrate group attacks.

Borderlands Legends was outed earlier this week in a post on Gearbox's official forums.

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