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Rovio brings a special edition of Angry Birds to McDonald's in China

Angry Birds developer Rovio and McDonald's have teamed up to bring a unique Angry Birds campaign to the fast food chain in China, Creativity Online reports.

In the restaurant, gamers will be able to play a special Angry Birds campaign, which includes free power-ups on their iOS devices, according to PSFK. Players can also vote on a McDonald's location that will tether a real slingshot to actual golden arches. According to Creativity Online, the marketing campaign was developed by TBWA/Shanghai and TBWA/Gamelab and launched with the commercial above.

"We're delighted about this exciting new initiative in China," said Christine Xu, vice president of marketing for McDonald's China. "Both McDonald's and Rovio are brands that are very focused on their customers, wanting to constantly bring them better and more engaging experiences, and that's what brought us together."

Rovio recently revealed Angry Birds Star Wars, a mash-up between the two franchises, which will launch Nov. 8 on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac and PC.

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