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Dishonored's Corvo mask recreated in real life

A New York design studio has recreated the mask that Dishonored's protagonist, Corvo, wears in the game for an exclusive away.

Designed by Technically Magic Effects, the mask is meticulously designed and incredibly detailed, showing great fidelity to the mask that appears in the game. It is also wearable, with its interior shown to have glass holes for the eyes and a red cloth to cover the wearer's skin so that it doesn't peek through.

The mask has been created as part of an exclusive giveaway that is yet to be detailed, but Technically Magic Effects is making the blueprints for the mask available for sale. The blueprints will be sold in two tiers: the first will cost $50 and come with a 1:1 scale of orthographic views of the assembled masks and views of separate parts for reference, printed on heavy paper. The second costs $100 and comes with all of the above plus reference photos, laser-cut lenses for the eyes, and the creator's email for questions.

A full gallery of the mask can be viewed at Technically Magic Effects' Facebook page. The gallery shows the steps that the creator underwent to create the mask, as well as how the end product looks. More information on the upcoming giveaway is also expected to be posted on the company's Facebook page.

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