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3DS sales 'weaker than expected' outside Japan, Nintendo lowers annual profit forecast

Nintendo is lowering its annual profit forecast after recording a larger than expected loss for the first six months of the fiscal year, having reported "weaker than expected" sales of the Nintendo 3DS outside of Japan.

The company's forecast for the 2013 fiscal year has lowered from ¥20 billion, or roughly $250.6 million in profits, to ¥6 billion, or roughly $75.2 million, despite seeing 5.6 million 3DS units sold during the first half of the fiscal year and 19.03 million software sales.

Nintendo however made a smaller loss throughout the six months ending September 2012 in comparison to the same period last year. In 2011, Nintendo lost ¥27.9 billion in net income, roughly $349 million.

During the same period in the last fiscal year, the handheld device sold 3.07 million units, with 22.2 million hardware units sold to date. The company expects the device to sell 17.5 million units throughout the full current fiscal year.

Nintendo added that the handheld can support lifetime software sales of 64.45 million thanks to 3DS titles such as New Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

Nintendo will continue to focus on selling the Nintendo 3DS throughout the second half of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, and aims to expand its business with the launch of the Wii U next month, which it hopes to sell 5.5 million units of during the same period.

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