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Demon Gaze to scratch Vita owners' dungeon-RPG itches

Experience may not be a developer you've heard much about. The Tokyo-based outfit of just 12 developers has released a line of dungeon RPGs in Japan for PC, most notably Entaku no Seito: Students of Round, which has received Xbox 360 and PSP ports in Japan. Their latest game, though, puts them on a completely new platform.

This week's issue of Famitsu brings the first news on Demon Gaze, a new Experience title being published for the Vita by Kadokawa Games. The game, due out January in Japan, has you controlling a party of "demon gazers" as they wield an arsenal of monsters as they search for booty and adventure across the land of Mythrid. (Your party also all share the same base of operations, which is apparently where a lot of Demon Gaze's anime-ish storytelling is set to take place.)

Entaku no Seito was not a massive sales success, but received a surprising amount of critic praise (including a Gold award from Famitsu) and a small but dedicated fanbase. Most of the criticism centered around the game's clunky interface, something that Experience may hopefully improve upon with the Vita's touch functionality.

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