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Uncharted 3 multiplayer patch 1.15 brings back Classic Mode and tweaks Tournaments

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Multiplayer patch 1.15 for Uncharted 3 went live yesterday, bringing back Classic Mode, changing the Tournament system and tweaking several aspects of gameplay, according to a post on developer Naughty Dog's website.

With the patch, matchmaking and team balancing will now take into account players' Legacy level, Naughty Dog's version of Call of Duty's "Prestige" system. Classic Mode, which makes changes like turning throwback grenades and buddy spawning off, replaces Hardcore Mode. Naughty Dog has also added 11 new taunts for purchase, and has tweaked the multiplayer's weekly Tournament Mode, adding new skins, treasure drops, and a leaderboard for single tournament scores, among other changes.

You can get the the full list of patch 1.15's changes on Naughty Dog's website, and as well as the update's FAQ, written to explain Tournament Mode.

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