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The Astronauts developing first title for PC, hope to reveal it this year

The Astronauts, the three former People Can Fly members who left the developer to found their own studio in June, hope to announce their first game before the year is out, co-founder Adrian Chmielarz told Edge Online.

The game is in development for high-end PCs, but Chmielarz says it may also be available on next-gen consoles when it finally launches.

"We think we can create worlds that look really beautiful, and for that we need fairly advanced technology, so we're starting on PC," he tells us. "We try to be platform agnostic, and we would like this game to be released on more platforms, but I doubt that the current generation of consoles is going to be able to handle what we're doing.

"When the next generation arrives we're going to be fighting hard to be one of the launch titlesbut digital distribution, not retail," he added. "We'll be one of the first games for the next generation. But currently we are 100 percent focused on PC."

Chmielarz said he team wants to make games similar to Journey, Dear Esther, and the Walking Dead games— short experiences to which further visitation is optional.

"The point is to make a game that you can finish in one evening, and if you want to return to it and explore it more then go ahead and spend a month in it," he said.

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