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James Bond text adventure game trains players to be MI6 'agents'

A new browser game from Sony and physical social game developer Hide and Seek, The British Intelligence Officers Exam, sets players in the shoes of an MI6 'agent' training simulation.

The text-based adventure game works in natural language, meaning AI won't respond to the command "Look," but will answer "What do you see?" Players can complete the game's five missions in one sitting or enter their email address to save their progress for later play. Each mission takes between five and 10 minutes to complete.

On startup, the game notes that the simulation was created to test agents for the "five most important skills required for acceptance into MI6," though it doesn't explicitly state what those are. Players use text to interact with an agent in the field who is trying to complete a set of objectives, guiding them through their mission and helping them decide which methods to use. Failure to communicate properly or making the wrong decision can result in an agent's death, as will taking too many tries to respond.

The game is a promotional tie-in to upcoming James Bond film Skyfall, as well as an interactive advertisement for Sony Xperia phones and tablets, which are featured prominently in the game.

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