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The Ship PC shooter getting a Kickstarter sequel

Blazing Griffin will launch a Kickstarter campaign on Oct. 31 for the sequel to its first-person PC shooter The Ship: Murder Party, the publisher announced today.

The UK-based company will launch its Kickstarter page for The Ship: Full Steam Ahead the same day the crowdfunding site opens for UK-based submissions. Donations can be made in British or United States currency through both the North American and UK Kickstarter sites.

Blazing Griffin promises that concept art will be made available tomorrow, Oct. 25, as well as more information on donation rewards.

The Ship: Murder Party was released on Steam in summer 2006, an assassination game set on a luxury cruise ship in the 1920s. Players are given targets to kill without attracting notice from fellow passengers, and at the same time must dodge the other players hunting them.

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