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EverQuest 2: Chains of Eternity expansion will have tradeskill specialization and mass production

More details on Chains of Eternity

The developers of EverQuest 2 revealed new information about the highly anticipated Chains of Eternity expansion at SOE Live this week, talking a Massively reporter through the game's tradeskill and crafting features.

The comprehensive interview delves into areas like AA grind and tradeskill prestige. Speaking to Massively, Chains of Eternity's PvP and tradeskill game designer Brian Ferguson said that the expansion will have tradeskill specialization and prestige.

"Tradeskill specialization is what the current AA pool is transferring over to; you are going to get the same number of points – 40 points total – and they are going to be auto-granted from tradeskill level 10 to tradeskill level 18," he said. "Tradeskill prestige is for level 90+ crafters. You get one prestige point every 20% of a level just like regular prestige, and they will be automatically, retroactively granted."

Ferguson added that the points could also be used to mass produce items. For mass production, Ferguson explains that players will be able to create items in multiple slots. The lot size increases as more points are spent on a particular specialization. Making up to 100 items at a time is possible if players spend enough prestige points.

The full interview, which touches on changes that Chains of Eternity will bring to the Everquest 2 universe, can be read here.

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