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Portal designer working on iOS puzzle game due out Oct. 29

Airtight Games – a studio led by the level designer of Portal, Kim Swift – has launched a mobile division which is currently working on an iOS puzzle game called PIXLD.

Described as "addictive" and "deceptively simple", the iOS game is the first to release under Airtight's mobile division. The game requires players to match and destroy blocks against a ticking clock. It aims to allow players to "experience the joy of video gaming on their mobile telephones."

"Seriously, have you seen these things?" PIXLD's creative director, Kim Swift said in a statement, gesturing to an iPhone 5. "They're like tiny computers. Tiny computers you carry in your pocket. So I'm all like, 'I know this sounds nuts, but guys, let's put some games on there.' And they did. Bam."

PIXLD is due out on the iOS App Store on Oct. 29 for $1.99. It is a Universal app. The game will have a 50 percent off introductory sale that will last for a limited time only.

The next level of puzzles.

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