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SimCity puts you head-to-head against friends with online City Specialization leaderboards

Create your own metropolis

With the inclusion of City Specializations, the upcoming installment of SimCity offers players an incentive to go head-to-head against their city-building friends with the inclusion of Specialization-based online leaderboards, producer Jason Haber explained during a recent EA showcase in London.

City Specialization allows users to create a unique city by specializing in a certain industry and create a casino town or coal city. Players can go down the track of big businesses by specializing in education, metals, electronics, trade, petroleum, or gambling. Additional specializations will be announced further down the line.

With SimCity's online multiplayer, users will be able to pit their individual specialized industrial, commercial, or university towns against one another using an online leaderboard based around your specialization of choice. Leaderboards will also exist to measure Simoleans, citizens, education levels, pollution, crime, and unemployment overall.

Every user's chosen specialization will have a ripple out affect, influencing both the player's city and impacting neighboring cities. Coal cities can create pollution in the air that drifts to other cities depending on wind direction. Player industries can also be directly affected by the overall economy, with the price of goods fluxuating in the global market.

SimCity is scheduled to release Mar. 5 in North America and Mar. 8 in Europe, EA announced this week. The title will be available on PC and Mac.

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