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Press Reset: Episode Nine - '#POLYSOON'

A note from Chris Grant, Editor-in-Chief of Polygon:

When Justin McElroy and I first started thinking about Polygon over a year ago, we didn't have the site we launched today in mind. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that what we initially envisioned was far less ambitious. But something funny happens when you're surrounded by really talented people who see more in your idea than you see yourself.

The team at Vox Media, everyone from CEO Jim Bankoff to Chief Content Officer Marty Moe to The Verge's Joshua Topolsky, all saw a huge opportunity in gaming. And as we began hiring what would become the Polygon team, our original vision was augmented with their goals and ambitions. What we were left with was a massive project. One that, thankfully, our unflappable product team never backed down from. In fact, we took all of their goals and ambitions and, once again, the Polygon project grew.

Nearly eleven months after joining Vox, and some six months after kicking off the design process, I clicked a button to launch Polygon and begin the next phase in the site's evolution. One that relies on the contributions of our readers as much as it does on the ambitions of its makers. We'll spend some time fixing bugs, addressing criticisms and improving performance, but then we'll get started on what's next. Because launching the website isn't the end of this project. It marks the beginning of an entirely new project that I hope grows in completely unforeseen directions.

(Also, we have a lot more ideas for Easter eggs).

- Chris Grant, Editor-in-Chief

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