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Wasteland 2 developers will be working with molecular biologists to make the game's sci-fi world believable

inXile brings on scientists to make a believable sci-fi world

Wasteland 2 developer inXile is collaborating with Montreal-based science consultancy firm, Thwacke, to make it's sci-fi world more believable.

Thwacke specializes in merging the world of science with games, focusing on areas like evolutionary biology, nuclear physics and medicine. Its CEO is a molecular biologist and one of its co-founders is a neuroscientist. With their backgrounds in science, the consultants at Thwacke are working with inXile to blur the line between reality and fiction, which Thwacke CEO Sebastian Alvarado says will "ultimately [impact] gameplay and narrative."

Thwacke's services are being brought in to create realistic creatures that are a byproduct of their environment, biological and chemical warfare that makes sense, and the medical know-how that will allow the game's writers to create characters who can realistically survive with the "scariest of resources".

Brian Fargo, inXile's founder, said: "The more smart guys we have ... looking at the writing and design is always a good thing and in this case we have a group of very bright people checking our work."

Wasteland 2 is expected on PC, Mac, and Linux in Oct. 2013.

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