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Developer lampoons life's labors with video games

The Howard Art Project

Anthony Montuori makes games that mock the drudgery of reality, tasking players to work day jobs, pay off debt and collect unobtainable objects, the Phoenix reports.

In Montuori's latest game, players work a virtual shift at Montuori's day job at the Institute for Contemporary Art where he is a visitor assistant. His other games include a platformer with impossible-to-capture coins and a Tetris-inspired puzzler where players earn minimum wage to pay off student loan debt.

"I just think that these things are realities, and they're kind of depressing, but I really want to make fun of them," he told the Phoenix. "I want to poke some fun at the seriousness of it all. I think that's what makes art kind of cool … You can make fun of an existential crisis or debt or futility. And it's okay, for, like, five minutes."

His newest game will be featured at the Ask Me group show, which will run from Oct. 27 through Nov. 11, 2012 at the Howard Art Project in Dorchester, Mass. The Howard Art Project was founded in 2011 and "aims to contribute a unique point of view to the Boston arts community and to serve as a meeting place for creative individuals," according to its website. The upcoming Ask Me exhibition will feature works from ICA visitor assistants, like Montuori.

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