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Star Citizen PC space sim hits its $2 million funding goal

Developer Chris Roberts, creator of the sci-fi space series Wing Commander, along with his company Cloud Imperium has raised nearly $600,000 through Kickstarter for PC space simulation game Star Citizen in addition to over $1.4 million raised through the company's website, bringing the team to its $2 million funding goal today.

The Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen launched on Oct. 18 with a $500,000 goal, which was met in less than six days. Cloud Imperium had previously collected funds through its official website, bringing the game to its final goal.

"The amount of support from our fans has been overwhelming," Roberts said in a press release. "We had a few hiccups on our own site in the first week of operation, which led us to open up the Kickstarter page. Kickstarter provided better scalability for us and additional options for our fans.

"In the end, this is all about breathing new life into the PC games business," he added. "PC gamers have been left on the sidelines for the last few years. I want to utilize all the new technology that a PC can provide and bring space sims back into the modern area with a bang."

Star Citizen brings Roberts back to game development after a decade-long hiatus working in the film industry, where he served as producer for the adaptation of comic book series The Punisher, Nicholas Cage film Lord of War and psychological thriller The Jacket.

"Getting back into gaming is something I've been thinking about for several years," Roberts said. "With all the new tech, it's a whole different universe for developers and I'm ready to take the welcomed plunge again."

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