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Fallen London developer makes Facebook game to help teens cope with suicide

Failbetter Games, the developer behind gothic-steampunk story game Fallen London, has released a Facebook game to help teens coping with a loved one's suicide, Machine Cares.

The interactive story is made in partnership with ChildLine, a helpline that provides children and teenagers who has suffered abuse or emotional trauma with psychological assistance. The goal of Machine Cares is to encourage these young people to reach out for help and share these negative feelings.

The story of Machine Cares makes players the main character. You move into a residence called the Tower and learn the previous tenant of your new room committed suicide. Since the young man, Jay, killed himself before your move, you learn about him through the stories of other Tower residents, unraveling his tragic tale. The game includes mature themes and language, as well as references to sexuality and drug use.

Failbetter wants to encourage high school and college teachers to share the Facebook game with with their students.

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