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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update includes Skill Groups and resurrects SourceTV

An update for CS: GO

Valve released a much-awaited update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today, which introduces changes for player spectating, server administration, performance and includes bug fixes.

As part of the update, CS: GO will be getting 'GOTV', a new version of the old SourceTV, which originally gave players the ability to broadcast their game to an unlimited number of spectators using the Source Engine. In addition to 'GOTV', Valve has also added a map overview that displays players, events, grenade detonations and more.

The update also introduces Skill Groups to the game, changes the conditions of valid match leaving and displays the estimated wait time for a competitive match based on the game type selected by the player.

For a full list of the update notes including which bugs have been fixed, head over to Steam for more details.

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