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Mysterious countdown timer appears on The Witcher 2 website

A timer appears on The Witcher 2's website

The Witcher 2's website received a mysterious countdown timer over night that, at the time of writing, is ticking down with 29 days to go.

The timer is accompanied by a message written in Polish that tells a cryptic story about a horseback messenger entering an inn with dozens of bags of letters.

Polygon had a native Polish speaker translate the message for us:

On entering the courtyard of the inn, the messenger with difficulty slides off from his horse, his traveling cloak covered in mud. Fastening the bridle of his horse to a post, he enters into the surrounding building. Drawing from his bag are a dozen letters alike, but only the name inscribed on the parchments differ.

"On behalf of His Majesty the King Redania Radowid V, said the Cruel, and Povis Kovir lords, the lord of Tretogorze and Warsaw, [we] invite to visit the castle, Siedliszcze, on the eighth anniversary of the opening ceremony of the secret society Wiedźmolubów. "

Long live the King!
Carmin Tommo, commander Redańskich Intelligence Services

DSOGaming discovered the message and speculates that it might hint at upcoming downloadable content for CD Projekt Red's role-playing game based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, however the message also reads like an invitation to a Witcher 2 event that would likely take place in Poland.

We have contacted CD Projekt Red for more information.

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