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Free Far Cry 3 Minecraft mod is live, packed with secrets

The Far Cry 3-themed texture and map pack for the PC version of Minecraft announced by Ubisoft earlier this month is available for free today.

The video above offers a quick look at the pack, available through the Far Cry 3 official website. New weapons, tools, enemy mobs and block materials present on the dangerous islands of Ubisoft's shooter are now available for use in Mojang's world.

Recreations of key Far Cry 3 locations have been added, as well as a few familiar faces. Minecraft players should watch their backs for Far Cry antagonist Vaas Montenegro, and keep an eye out for tribal leader Citra and Far Cry 3 protagonist Jason Brody, all recreated in the game's signature blocky style.

The pack's creator, Minecraft modder Michael Lambert, has also scattered more than 50 Easter eggs throughout the pack, hidden among the cube-y jungles and pixelated waters.

The next level of puzzles.

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