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Capcom wants your most cherished memories for Remember Me promotion

Capcom is currently asking participants to send a photo memory

Capcom will incorporate personal images and memories into its upcoming futuristic action game, Remember Me, through a special promotion.

Remember Me is set in Neo-Paris, 2084, where memories can be stolen, traded and sold. Capcom is currently asking participants to send a photo memory and a brief description of what makes that moment so important. Selected at random, these images will then be incorporated into Remember Me's Memory Overload sequences, which take place after successfully completing one of the protagonist's signature attacks.

The company is also seeking out designers for in-game billboard advertisements for one of five fictional companies. Artists can visit Adverts in 2084 for submission information.

Capcom will take ad submissions until Nov. 5 and photo memories until Nov. 29. Additional information will be released on the Facebook page. Remember Me is currently scheduled to launch on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in May, 2013.

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