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NEScapism becomes a best-selling album on Bandcamp with remade NES game themes

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NEScapism, the Electric Witch's five-track album of classic NES game themes, became one of the best-selling electronic albums on Bandcamp this week, according to the music distribution service's charts.

The album contains remade themes from Final Fantasy, Metroid, Castlevania, Dragon Quest and The Legend of Zelda. According to The Electric Witch's Zac Bentz, he created the tracks using the Animoog, Sunrizer and DM1 iOS apps.

"NEScapism is a love-letter to the video games I grew up with," he writes on the album's Bandcamp page. "The games whose music meant just as much to me, if not more, as the escapism they provided my isolated imagination. These are the songs that I would let play over and over, ignoring whatever might have been happening on-screen. Letting them loop and spiral outward. I've tried to capture that feeling on this album, adding my own inner echos."

You can stream the album in its entirety and buy NEScapism for as little as $1 at Bandcamp.

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