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UtiliFit will encourage fitness through gamification

"It's all about creating and maintaining healthy habits." Mike Tinney

Fitness Interactive Experience, the company spearheaded by former CCP North America president Mike Tinney, plans to launch its first fitness game as a closed beta in December, reports GamesBeat.

Tinney left CCP, which is best known for creating Eve Online, back in February to pursue his own startup. Fitness Interactive Experience, or FIX, focuses on making fitness a fun and social activity. The company's debut title is a browser-based game built in HTML5 called UtiliFit.

UtiliFit is an example of a fitness "gamification," a method of applying gaming principles and mechanics to regular tasks. Players will be encouraged to be more active and be able to score and rank their progress against friends. According to Tinney, gaming is a "huge opportunity" for digital fitness.

"It's all about creating and maintaining healthy habits," Tinney said. "So you can control what you are eating better and increase your physical activity."

"Video games have a unique intersection with [achieving goals] because they're a very addictive activity. We're trying to get people to do a mundane task again and again. Combining those two can be a game-changer," Tinney said.

UtiliFit is currently scheduled to run an open beta in January. The title is targeted at both non-gamers and gamers alike.

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