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Retro shooter Expendable launching on Android, remade and 'Rearmed'

Expendable featured classic arcade gameplay

Expendable, Rage Software's shoot ‘em up title, will be remastered and re-released as mobile game Expendable: Rearmed, according to developer Retrobomb's site.

Retrobomb, a company that revives notable games from older consoles for portable devices, will release Rearmed for Android. According to their site, the remake will be a "re-imagined, remade, intense arcade shooter experience made true to the original ideals of ‘one more go' with lives and high scores."

Expendable first released in 1998 for PC, followed by a Sega Dreamcast release in '99 and a PlayStation edition in 2000. It featured arcade gameplay, with players running on credits and the option for a player to join at any time.

The company released an official trailer featuring the title's classic run-and-gun gameplay. Expendable: Rearmed will launch on other devices, including tablets, following the Android release.

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