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Final Fantasy 14 original version ends Nov. 11, Square Enix seeking A Realm Reborn alpha testers

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Finale events for the original Final Fantasy 14 begin today, culminating in an all-servers shutdown on Nov. 11 in preparation for the launch of reboot A Realm Reborn, publisher Square Enix announced today.

Today begins a cataclysmic all-encompassing world event that will end the game's main storyline and shift focus toward what will become the new game. Current character data will save for the last time on Oct. 31, and will be transferred to A Realm Reborn after all servers are pulled down for the update on Nov. 11.

Square Enix will also begin the first round of A Realm Reborn alpha testing today with a focus on fine-tuning the game's overhauled mechanics. Three more testing phases are scheduled leading up to A Realm Reborn's launch and will consist of multiple "test and tweak" cycles.

Players with active Final Fantasy 14 accounts can apply to be alpha testers at the game's official website.

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