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Eve Online's Buddy Program gets an open-invite system

An upgrade to EVE's buddy program

CCP is introducing an open invitation system that allows existing Eve Online members to benefit from introducing multiple friends to the game.

Under Eve Online's existing Buddy Program, players have only been able to invite friends to the game on a one-to-one basis and earn rewards when those friends upgrade from the trial version of the game to a full account. While these direct invites worked well for smaller groups of friends, CCP is introducing an open invite system.

The open invite system will provide players with a URL that can be used over and over again, creating a one-to-many system that allows players to send out public invites and introduce as many people as they want to the game and gain rewards in the same way they would have with the one-to-one invite system.

Under the new system one-to-one invitations will still be available and all limits are being removed from Buddy Program invites. CCP is also removing the PLEX-for-PLEX reward option, so if a Buddy Program trial is upgraded using PLEX, the inviter will not be eligible for receive a PLEX reward as a result of that trial upgrade.

Details on the new Buddy Program are detailed over at the Eve Online blog.

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