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Witcher 2 timer counting down to Polish community event

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The Witcher 2 invites the community to celebrate

A timer that appeared on The Witcher 2's Polish website last week is counting down to a community event that CD Projekt Red is hosting for its most active community members in Poland, the studio told Polygon.

The countdown timer appeared on the Polish version of the official Witcher 2 website last week with a message written in old Polish that hinted at invitations and letters. Beneath the timer and the message were boxes with question marks on them.

As of today nine of those boxes feature the avatars and usernames of members from The Witcher 2 community with more to come.

A spokesperson from CD Projekt Red told Polygon that the event is to mark the fifth anniversary of The Witcher brand and those community members who are invited will get a chance to visit the studio, meet the game's developers and celebrate with the team.

The event will take place on Nov. 24. More avatars are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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