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'Planetside 2' details membership benefits

Planetside 2 details membership plan

Sony's massively multiplayer online game, Planetside 2, has detailed its membership benefits ahead of its launch later this year.

Under the final revision of membership benefits, those who sign up to the MMO will have a 25-50 percent increase in resource gain, 25-50 percent increase in XP gain, and 25-50 percent increase in passive cert point game. Each of the increases start at 25 percent and increase by 5 percent per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50 percent.

Subscribers will also have priority login, early access to new cosmetic items in the store, and 500 StationCash each month.

The cost of subscription is $14.00 per month.

For more information on the revised plan, check out the developer forum post that details the plan.

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