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'Escape Plan' DLC out for PlayStation Vita today

Escape Plan now with DLC

Fun Bits Interactive's Escape Plan gets brand new Director's Cut downloadable content today as well as a patch that gives the game new direct controls and costumes.

The DLC features new puzzles, levels, and costumes. Fun Bits' CEO, Chris Millar, wrote on the official PlayStation Blog: "Continuing tradition, we have added four new costumes to the dressing room. Dress Lil and Laarg in a new spectrum of costumes such as Timeless and Lost Clause, with Halloweeners and I'm with Cupid unlocked by playing through the 21 Director's Cut levels.

"We've also added a new poke control to allow the player to stop the selected character with the ease of a button, as well as adding the directional pad to start the character's march. Using your feedback we've done our best to get the game to be yours as much as it is ours. Let us know what you think!"

The DLC is now available in the PlayStation Store for $4.99.

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