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This RPG promises to bring back the days of Wizardry and Anachronox

Permadeaths and no-save runs could be an option.

For those of you hungering and yearning for an old-school role-playing game that makes you work for those end game credits, you might want to sit down.

Brenda Brathwaite, one of the developers behind the famed Wizardry series, and Tom Hall, a designer behind Commander Keen, Doom and Anachronox, are teaming up to produce a new old-school RPG called Old School RPG.

The duo, along with studio Loot Drop, launched a Kickstarter for the game this morning, asking for $1 million to fund the title. Better still, the two say that if you hit the $1.9 million mark they're create a second game and include it along with the first for any backers.

We had a chance to speak with Brathwaite briefly about the project last night via email.

"We are so excited about it," Brathwaite wrote. "A return to core games and a return to RPGs makes Tom and I so incredibly happy. It is something we've wanted to do for a while, but we were leads on active projects, so it was not possible until now. We can't wait. It is an honor to make a game with someone like Tom, too."

We don't know a lot of the details about Old School RPG, but according to the Kickstarter page it will start off like all of the great old role-playing games, by having you create a party.

"Old School RPG invites you to create a group of up to four characters, choosing from multiple races and professions each with their own strengths and weaknesses," according to the website. "Forge alliances with unique NPC races, do their bidding - or be their undoing - as you solve dozens of quests, loot castles and caverns and defeat hordes of creatures in a world where your skill and cunning are key. Turn-based, phased-time combat harkens back to the days when spells hit hard and last-second healing spells saved the day."

The game will also feature multiple beginnings and endings and, if the Kickstarter hits that $1.9 million mark, players will be able to transfer their characters between the two games and it will impact how the other title plays.

The Kickstarter is packed with the sort of stretch goals that are catnip to fans of the classic RPGs, like new non-playable character races, areas, and a super hardcore mode.

Hitting the $1.5 million mark unlocks the super hardcore mode which includes options for permadeath, no save gameplay and boss battles that are almost impossible to win. In other words, it turns Old School RPG into an 80s role-playing game.

The pledges range from $15, which nets you a download version for PC or Mac, to $10,000, which has Brathwaite, Hall and John Romero driving to your house anywhere in the continental U.S. to hand deliver the game on a red velvet pillow after walking to your door on red carpet.

The Kickstarter runs to November and, if the $1 million dollar goal is met, Old School RPG is expected to hit in January 2014.

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