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Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future partial soundtracks available on iTunes for $9.99 each

get set with Sega's own Jet Set Radio music

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The soundtracks to Sega's Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future are now available on iTunes for $9.99 apiece, but fans of the games will notice some songs are missing.

Both iTunes listings include the phrase "Sega Original Tracks" in the album titles, because that's the case — the albums include only the original music by video game composers Hideki Naganuma and Richard Jacques, along with a few sound effects from the respective games. None of the games' licensed music, except Toronto's "Electric Tooth Brush" from Jet Set Radio, appears on the iTunes albums. Jet Set Radio offers 15 tracks, while its sequel's iTunes soundtrack has 20.

Jet Set Radio originally launched on the Dreamcast in 2000, and was followed by Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox in 2002. Jet Set Radio HD, Sega's high-definition remaster of the original game, came out last month; you can read our review here. Check out the full list of tracks for the iTunes compilations below.

Jet Set Radio (Sega Original Tracks)

  1. Hideki Naganuma - "Let Mom Sleep"
  2. Hideki Naganuma - "Humming the Bassline"
  3. Hideki Naganuma - "That's Enough"
  4. Richard Jacques - "Everybody Jump Around"
  5. Hideki Naganuma - "Sneakman"
  6. Hideki Naganuma - "Sweet Soul Brother"
  7. Hideki Naganuma - "Rock It On"
  8. Toronto - "Electric Tooth Brush"
  9. Hideki Naganuma - "Moody's Shuffle"
  10. Hideki Naganuma - "Grace and Glory"
  11. Hideki Naganuma - "Jet Set Groove #1"
  12. Hideki Naganuma - "Jet Set Groove #2"
  13. Sega - "S.E. Graffiti Small"
  14. Sega - "S.E. Graffiti Big"
  15. Sega - "S.E. Kettei"

Jet Set Radio Future (Sega Original Tracks)

  1. Hideki Naganuma - "The Concept of Love"
  2. Hideki Naganuma - "Fly Like a Butterfly"
  3. Hideki Naganuma - "Funky Dealer"
  4. Hideki Naganuma - "Shape Da Future"
  5. Hideki Naganuma - "Teknopathetic"
  6. Hideki Naganuma - "Oldies But Happies"
  7. Hideki Naganuma - "Like It Like This Like That"
  8. Hideki Naganuma - "Humming The Bassline (D.S. Remix)"
  9. Hideki Naganuma - "Rock It On (D.S. Remix)"
  10. Hideki Naganuma - "Sneakman (Toronto Mix)"
  11. Hideki Naganuma - "Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix)"
  12. Hideki Naganuma - "That's Enough (B.B. Rights Mix)"
  13. Hideki Naganuma - "Sweet Soul Brother (B.B. Rights Mix)"
  14. Hideki Naganuma - "Grace and Glory (B.B.M.H. Mix)"
  15. Hideki Naganuma - "Jet Set Groove #3"
  16. Hideki Naganuma - "Jet Set Groove #4"
  17. Sega - "S.E. System01"
  18. Sega - "S.E. System02"
  19. Sega - "S.E. System03"
  20. Sega - "S.E. Tape"

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