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Max Payne 3 content pack includes single-player maps tweaked for multiplayer

The next Max Payne 3 downloadable content pack scheduled for later this fall, the "Hostage Negotiation Map Pack," will include four maps from the game's single-player campaign optimized for online multiplayer, developer Rockstar Games announced today.

The new maps include the Club Moderno, Estádio Do Galatians, O Palácio Strip Club, and Favela Heights arenas. The pack also features a set of new weapons including the M24 Sniper Rifle and IA2 Assault Rifle, as well as the Filhos De Ogum player avatar.

The "Hostage Negotiation Pack" will be available on Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points and on the PlayStation Network and PC for $9.99. Rockstar Pass owners will receive this and all future content packs for free.

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