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Press Reset Episode One: 'You've got to be certifiable'

A brief history of video game publications, and why there's never a good time to launch a new one.

A note from Stephen Greenwood, director of Press Reset:

When the idea of making a series that would eventually become Press Reset was brought to me, I saw it as a unique opportunity to witness the birth of a new thing from the inside.

Today, we have the luxury of interacting with products and services without having to consider where they come from, or be aware of the inspiration, creativity and compromises that shaped those things we enjoy. Yet now, more than ever, we see ideas springing up across the world and get to assist in the funding or providing feedback that will eventually bring those ideas to life.

Rarely do we get a chance to see the in-between: The late nights; the frustration; teams working together from remote locations; features that didn't make the cut; last-minute changes; near-derailment; minor victories.

With Press Reset, we get that chance. The Polygon team is working to build what they hope will be a big, new thing. They're coming from different backgrounds, with different philosophies and different areas of expertise, but they all share one thing: the desire to start with a blank page and make something. Press Reset will be the record of their experiment.

The Press Reset team is made up of myself, Assistant Director/Editor Tom Connors and Lead Editor Pat McGowan. We want to show the iterations and decisions being made about an unfinished product in near real-time; to study where games journalism has come from and where it has the potential to go; to talk to the designers, developers, sales team, advertisers, and writers that are ultimately responsible for Polygon's future success or failure.

This series and this website are being built in real time, so what do you want to see? Because after all, you're part of this story, too.

- Stephen Greenwood, Director

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