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Announcing 'Press Reset: The story of Polygon'

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In April of 2012, a group of writers sat together for the first time, on a stage in a convention center in Boston. They were nervous. Excited. Maybe a little scared.

They had come together, bringing with them a combined half century of experience in video games media, to do one thing: start something new.

On that stage, on that day in Boston, they announced the formation of a new website; the culmination of months of research, debate, and hard work. There they introduced Polygon to the world.

Polygon is a new kind of website, built on new technology, backed by a new kind of media company. Its designers hope that the new technology driving it will turn web publishing on its ear. Its backers, Vox Media, hope their business model will wake up the web to the possibilities of passionate voices creating quality content. Its founders, some of the most accomplished journalists working in the medium, hope it will broaden the possibilities for video game media, bringing new eyes and attention to an industry on the cusp of a revolution.

More than that, though, they all simply hope it will work.

Press Reset is the story of Polygon. It is a documentary mini-series chronicling the creation of this new publication. Like the website itself, it is a work currently in progress. With each new episode, you will see everything, from start to finish. Good, bad, and ugly. Failure or success.

We invite you to watch.

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