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Minecraft Xbox 360 update brings Creative Mode and player hosting options

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The newest update on its way to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition includes a new Creative Mode as well as the addition of Host Options for players in groups, reports Play XBLA.

Creative Mode, present in the game's PC and Mobile versions, allows players to create and crumble without being attacked. Players in this mode will be able to fly and sprint, and leaderboards and achievement updates have been disabled during creation.

In standard Survival mode, players will now be able to sprint; which they'll need to use to escape the new mobs the patch will add to the game: Cave Spiders, Enderman, and Silverfish.

Players hosting Minecraft sessions can now toggle through options for Player Versus Player mode, Fire Spread, TNT Explodes, and Host Privileges, as well as a new Trust Players feature to stop other players from mining without permission in a Host's territory.

A score of new items include new foods like Melon, Pumpkin, Raw and Cooked Beef and Chicken, along with new building materials like Iron Bars, Fence Gates, and Brick Stairs. Four new terrains have been added-Abandoned Mineshafts, Ravines, Strongholds, and Villages-as well as biome codes for rivers and oceans.

A full list of additions and changes coming with the update can be viewed on Play XBLA. The update is scheduled to release "soon."

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