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Endless Space's Rise of the Automatons DLC released today on Steam

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Endless Space, the 4X strategy game from developer Amplitude Studios, received its first free DLC pack today, "Rise of the Automatons," which is available on Steam.

The free DLC adds the titular Automatons custom faction, UI enhancements, updated diplomacy and alliance options, and improved A.I. Half of the improvements in "Rise of the Automatons" are a result of community feedback, according to the developer.

"We really appreciate our players' devotion and ideas; they've given us ammo for many more updates and upgrades beyond this one," Amplitude CEO Mathieu Girard said. "They're numerous, argumentative, and occasionally challenging, but we wouldn't have it any other way."

Be sure to check out Polygon's feature in which we spoke with Amplitude Studios' co-founders about leaving Ubisoft to make Endless Space.

You can check out a gallery of screenshots from the DLC below, and detailed list of the changes on the game's forums.

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