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Super Crate Box was brought to PlayStation Mobile by part-time fan

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Super Crate Box and a bus driver

A fan helped developer Vlambeer port Super Crate Box to PlayStation Mobile, founder Rami Ismail revealed on thePlayStation Blog.

After Sony approached the developer about launching the game alongside PlayStation Mobile, Vlambeer began looking for help with development.

"We received some great, professional applications and a single e-mail from a fan," Ismail wrote. "The fan turned out to be an avid Super Crate Box player, and an experienced programmer to boot. He made a small side-note: he would only be able to work at night, because during the day he had a job as a bus-driver. Easy choice."

The unnamed fan worked with the team to translate the game's iOS-based touch controls to the Vita's hardware. Super Crate Box launched today in the PlayStation Mobile store alongside the service, which sells games compatible with PlayStation and select Android devices.

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