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L'Oréal targeting women through Xbox Live beauty app

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L'Oréal on Xbox

Beauty brand giant L'Oréal has launched its The Next Level app on the Xbox 360, a kind of beauty hub targeted at women.

The app, designed by Brightline, is meant to serve as a one-stop beauty and style hub for women who want to watch how-to videos about fashion, skin care, and make-up, receive weather-based beauty recommendations, and also personalize their own event calendars, shopping lists, and receive reward points that can redeemed for L'Oréal products.

The general manager of entertainment and advertising on Xbox LIVE, Ross Honey, said that more and more women are now using Xbox LIVE and the company wants to reach that audience with its new app.

"Our work with internationally recognized brands like L'Oréal shows just how much the Xbox LIVE audience has grown beyond core gamers to attract entertainment, style, and fashion-oriented consumers," he said.

"L'Oréal's The Next Level takes full advantage of the creative possibilities on the Xbox platform and is a great example of our overall advertising philosophy: to invite audience engagement rather than interrupt entertainment."

Ad Age reports that 40 percent of Xbox's 20 million users are women.

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