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Tablet users spend most of their time playing games, analytics firm Flurry discovers

More gaming time on tablets

Multinational analytics firm Flurry has found that games are among the most popular apps with tablet and smartphone users, with tablet owners spending on average 67 percent of their tablet time playing games.

Flurry conducted research based on six billion app sessions on approximately 500 million smartphones and tablets in September of this year. For age and gender comparisons, it leveraged a panel of more than 30 million users who opted in to share their details.

The research found that games are the most popular category on both smartphones and tablets, with games being played on smartphones 39 percent of the time compared to 67 percent on tablets.

Flurry's Peter Farago says: "At a high level, consumers spend more time using tablets for media and entertainment, including Games (67%), Entertainment (9%) and News (2%) categories which account for nearly four-fifths of consumption on tablets.

"Further reinforcing that tablets are 'media machines' is the fact that consumers spend 71% more of their time using games on tablets they spend doing so on smartphones."

Flurry's research notes that social networking accounts for a larger proportion of smartphone and tablet usage than is shown because Flurry's analytics aren't used by apps for Twitter or Facebook, meaning the official apps for both social networks aren't counted (although some third-party clients are).

Flurry's research can be read on its blog.

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