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The War Z beta launch tomorrow includes Halloween content

The beta for Hammerpoint Interactive's massively multiplayer online zombie shooter The War Z launches tomorrow and will include thematic Halloween goodies, the developer announced today.

A bevy of Halloween themed items are just some of the improvements over the last, alpha version of the game that players will encounter; the beta release also adds additional types of zombies, character skins, and a map twice the size of the largest previous environment.

Hammerpoint Interactive is also extending availability for the $49.99 Legends Pack, a bundle offered for a limited time earlier this month. The pack includes full access to the War Z beta as well as $30 of in-game money, three additional weekend pass beta keys to share with potential players, and special recognition for the purchase both in the game and on its forums. Legends Pack buyers will also be eligible for six months of server hosting.

Interested participants can still pre-order The War Z for access to the beta at its official website.

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