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The World Ends With You gets social pseudo-sequel

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This week's issue of Japan's Famitsu magazine contains the first word on a new iOS/Android game that will function as a sort-of sequel to The World Ends with You, the Nintendo DS cult classic first released in 2008.

Subarashiki Kono Sekai Live Remix, the name of the new title, was originally announced last week (in title only) in a press conference outlining Square Enix's future plans for the Gree social-game service in Japan. Famitsu reports that the new title takes place in a "parallel world" to the original title and will feature at least one new character, Koko Atarashi, a cute Reaper who serves as your navigator throughout the game.

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix, a revised HD port of the DS original, was just released on iOS last August.

Stay tuned for updates on Live Remix as they come.

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