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Disgaea D2 website opening today

If you want a look at what the next full-on PlayStation 3 Disgaea game is going to look like, you have only a scant few hours more to wait.

Originally announced at a press event a week or so ago, Disgaea D2 is set to make its online debut Nov. 1 Japan time (or mid-afternoon today US time) on NIS's official website over there.

There hasn't been a great deal of new details released about D2 since its initial announcement, but a preview in this week's Famitsu magazine reveals some more screenshots that feature new (and quite lovely) hi-res 2D sprites for Laharl, Etna and crew. A direct sequel to the very first Disgaea plotwise (Laharl's got a couple of demons trying to dethrone him from the underworld's throne), D2 reportedly features a streamlined interface and a fully fleshed-out tutorial mode to help beginners get used to the madness.

More as it comes.

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