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Orcs Must Die! 2 third booster pack hits Nov. 1

Three new cavern levels incoming

The third booster pack for Robot Entertainment's action strategy title Orcs Must Die! 2, titled Are We There, Yeti?, will release Nov, 1, the studio announced.

Are We There, Yeti? includes three new frozen cavern levels the Yeti Den, the Hive and the Chilled Cavern that players must defend from a range of enemy types, including Robot Entertainment's new Goblin Sapper. Sapper enemy types are designed to find and disable players traps by exploding near them when found.

New items featured in the pack include the dwarven missile launcher, a deadly high-five trap that springs a spike wall at enemy characters, and the guardian trinket that can passively heal or revive Paladin, Archer, and Dwarf classes. New character costumes said to be inspired by the Orcs Must Die! 2 community include the Backdraft costume for war mages and the Skull Ninja costume for Sorceress'.

Also included in this booster pack is a new Endless Mode for three of the title's levels Passages, Chilled Cavern and The Tower which pits the player against an endless horde of increasingly difficult enemies.

Orcs Must Die! 2 released for PC on July 30. The title offers two-player co-op and is playable both cooperatively or solo.

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