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Former Fable developer brings motion-controlled Kung Fu title to Kickstarter

Kinesthetic Games, a team lead by former Fable series developer Kostas Zarifis, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its motion-controlled kung fu instructional title Kung Fu Superstar.

Zarifis and his team are asking for £200,000 to complete their project, which uses motion controls to teach players kung fu moves. The game is designed to simulate classic martial arts movies, and sets players in the shoes of film-star wannabe Danny Cheng on his quest to become the next Bruce Lee.

Zarifis originally pitched the game during his time at Lionhead, and although it was received favorably by his peers the project did not gain traction with the company's higher-ups.

"It's been just over a year since we left our jobs and started working on Kung Fu Superstar full time," the Kickstarter page reads, referencing the company's founding in May 2011. "Since then we have been living off our savings. Absolutely everything you have seen and will see in our videos, we have accomplished with zero funding and through a lot of hard work, passion and love for the vision."

The game is being developed on Kinesthetic's in-house Fight Choreography Engine, which itself runs on Unreal Engine, and supports motion controls through Microsoft's Kinect as well as touch screens, traditional controllers, and virtual reality headsets.

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